Custom Pet Portraits


All portraits come matted and ready for framing. Remember once it is matted the picture becomes larger.

6x6-$50 ( This size is for the head of one pet only)

8 x 10- $85 (most suitable for one pet)

11 x 14- $125 (best for two pets, add additional $25 per pet)

16x20-$200 (best suited for multiple pets, add additional $25 per pet)


All pet portraits require a deposit . Final payment needs to be made before your portrait is shipped.

When choosing a photo, not all photos can be used for a portrait. Only clear, high resolution photos can capture your pets features. Photos that are taken from a distance or that are blurry cannot be used. A easy way to tell if you have a good photo is to zoom in on your pet, if the picture becomes distorted it’s probably not a good one to use. Please feel free to send as many pictures as you like, it helps me to have a few to look at. 

All portrait prices are based off of face and neck only. If you want a full body, or require a background, contact me for pricing.


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